New Lights Project

Do you know a business that might be interested in contributing? A Donation Form is available to distribute to interested parties.

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We need new lights!

Our Club is fundraising to install LED lights for our courts.


This project is still active despite a few hurdles along the way. Many thanks to those who have already generously donated.


Our lighting project is registered with the Australian Sports Foundation, so donations are tax deductible. Make a deductible donation to Melba Tennis Club New Lighting Project via the Australian Sports Foundation.



We need to replace our lights because the current lights:

  • are expensive to run and maintain

  • are failing more frequently

  • use bulbs that are now difficult to source and change 

  • have poor illumination quality and timeliness

New LED lighting will allow us to:

  • reduce costs

  • operate at full brightness immediately after being switched on

  • increase illumination making night play safer and more enjoyable

  • reduce environmental impact

  • improve club image and reputation