At the Start

The origin of the Melba Tennis Club  stemmed from an application put forward to the National Capital Development Commission (the department at the time responsible for the planning of Canberra) by Colin Mason who had just returned from England and settled in the area.


The National Capital Development Commission responded that they would support the development of the club provided that community interest could be substantiated. They stipulated that this requirement would be satisfied if 100 people contributed $2.00 each towards the project.

A meeting was held at the Melba Hall with well over 100 people attending to support the proposal for a new club.

The Melba Tennis Club was built and was officially opened by Senator J. W. Knight on the 18th of September 1976 . At that time the club consisted of only a club house with 4 decomposed granite courts.

The first committee members were:

  • President - Dr Roy Green

  • Vice President - Colin Mason

  • Treasurer - David Coutts

Further Development

Over the years the Melba Tennis Club has undergone numerous stages of expansion and improvements, most notably doubling in size from a 4 court to an 8 court complex. Later, in 2014, 4 Hot Shots courts were added to the complex.

The expansion of the Melba Tennis Club has been largely dependent on funds raised by the club and on voluntary labour provided by members. Most of the improvements such as the installation of court lighting, landscaping and renovations to the club house have largely resulted from this voluntary labour. With the on-going maintenance of the facilities over the years, volunteer members have contributed significantly towards the Melba Tennis Club becoming a self-reliant family orientated club.